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Exploring Options for a Global Pandemic Treaty

The President of the European Council called for a “pandemic treaty” in December 2020. This proposal has since been endorsed by 26 heads of state from the Global North, South, East and West, and the WHO Director-General. First meetings have taken place between diplomats in Geneva, a group of Friends of the Treaty has been established, and work has begun to create an intergovernmental working group. It is expected that a decision will be taken at the WHA in May 2021 to embark on the treaty process. It would be the second global health treaty to be negotiated at the WHO, twenty to twenty-five years after the first; the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control adopted in May 2003.

This Global Health Centre project, funded by the PAX sapiens Foundation, aims to provide a platform and safe spaces for discussions to key negotiators in Geneva and in capitals.  The Centre will also provide guidance and resources on the negotiation process for a Global Pandemic Treaty.