This clinic assists students in developing a fuller set of skills required to address increasingly complex global problems. It will focus on current legal questions related to the activities of international organizations, both concerning the substance of an organization's work and its structure, internal working and procedures. Students will work in small teams under the supervision of the instructors on projects for client organizations, either in Geneva or abroad. The precise focus of the projects will be determined in cooperation with the organizations, based on their current needs and interests. The clinic will begin with a number of seminar sessions which will introduce students to the framework in which legal issues in international organizations are embedded, and the skills required to address such issues. Work on the projects may include meetings and interviews with the client organization. At the end of the semester, the groups will submit written legal memos and orally present their projects. The clinic is open to students in the Institute's law programmes as well as to those in other programmes, provided they have prior knowledge of international law, preferably also of the law of international organizations. Enrolment in the course will require an application to the instructors prior to the semester, with a view to a balanced composition of teams and a possibility to begin work at the beginning of the semester.