ANSO142 | Autumn | 6 ECTS

Critical Perspectives on Migration: Mobilities, Borders, and Transnational Connections

From news coverage of the so-called migrant and refugee 'crisis', to the scholarly problematization of border regimes and the migration-development nexus, migration and its governance are at the center of heated debates and controversies both within academia and the public sphere. This seminar addresses current approaches to migration, aiming to provide a critical perspective on different forms of international mobility. Situating migration in historical perspective, and building on recent anthropological research, the seminar interrogates different categorizations of mobility - from forced to voluntary migration, from refugee to migrant - uncovering their epistemological and political underpinnings, and putting them into perspective with the concrete experiences, aspirations and trajectories of people crossing international borders. The governance of migration and the way states and borders produce (il)legality will be scrutinized, as will be notions of transnationalism, diaspora, and return that help foreground the themes of circulation, connection, displacement and belonging. The goal is to develop with students a profound, research-based, socially relevant understanding of the complex processes that constitute and characterize migration in the contemporary world, and to provide them with a range of theoretical and methodological tools to analyze and make reasoned interventions in this global field.