HI130 | Spring | 6 ECTS

Europe and the World: Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Histories

This seminar explores the history of Europe's relationship with the wider world during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, as well as the implications that this relationship had for history as an academic discipline. An infamous product of nineteenth-century nation building, history was institutionalized and professionalized in academia at the height of Europe's global power--a moment that in hindsight looks more singular than it did to the historians of 1900. What were the consequences of this conjuncture? And in what ways does a less Eurocentric age today compel us to reform the foundations of our discipline? Focused on these overriding questions, the seminar addresses both historical constellations, such as European colonialism and global migration, and the conceptual predicaments arising from them, as encapsulated in postcolonial studies and global history in particular.