Adrian Ruiz


Researcher and Project Manager, Global Health Centre
Spoken languages
English, Spanish
Areas of expertise
  • Global health
  • Health Economics
  • R&D and Access to medicines
  • Social health insurance policy


Adrián Alonso Ruiz is Researcher and Project Manager of the New Business Models for Governing Innovation and Global Access to Medicines, a project of the Global Health Centre directed by Dr. Suerie Moon that aims to deepen understanding of the political, economic, scientific and organisational factors required to implement new business models of medicines R&D that will deliver both innovation and globally affordable medicines. He has a background in Pharmacy and holds a masters degree in Global Health from the Universitat de Barcelona - ISGlobal (Spain). Prior to joining the Global Health Centre, he worked as an independent consultant for ISGlobal's Policy and Innovation departments, and as a Researcher at the dutch organisation Access to Medicine Foundation, studying and assessing pharmaceutical companies' practices and policies to address antimicrobial resistance.