Ezgi Yildiz


Postdoctoral Researcher
Spoken languages
English, French
Areas of expertise
  • Human rights
  • International courts and tribunals
  • Law of the sea
  • Legal and political theory
  • International law

PhD in Political Science / International Relations

Interview with Dr Ezgi Yildiz about her article "Court with Many Faces: Judicial Characters and Modes of Norm Development in the European Court of Human Rights"


Selected publications


Ezgi Yildiz (2020) “A Court with Many Faces: Judicial Characters and Modes of Norm Development in the European Court” European Journal of International Law, 31:1, pages 73–99, (open access)

Ezgi Yildiz (forthcoming) “Enduring Practices in Changing Circumstances: A Comparison of the European Court of Human Rights and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights” Temple International and Comparative Law Journal

Ezgi Yildiz (forthcoming) “Revamping to Remain Relevant: How Do European and Inter-American Human Rights Systems Adapt to Challenges?” Journal of Human Rights Practice (with Isabela Gerbelli Garbin Ramanzini)

Ezgi Yildiz (forthcoming) “Understanding the Interpretative Evolution of the Norm Prohibiting Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment under the European Convention,” in Language and Legal Interpretation in International Law, eds. Joanna Lam and Anne Lise Kjær (Oxford University Press)

Ezgi Yildiz (2019) “Extraterritoriality Reconsidered: Functional Boundaries as Repositories of Sovereignty and Jurisdiction,” in The Extraterritoriality of Law: History, Theory, Politics, eds. Daniel S. Margolies, Umut Özsu, Maïa Pal, and Ntina Tzouvala (Routledge)

Ezgi Yildiz (2014-2015) “Judicial Creativity in the Making: The Pilot Judgment Procedure a Decade After Its Inception,” Interdisciplinary Journal of Human Rights Law 8(1): 81-102