HI089 | Spring | 6 ECTS

Global Visions and Parochial Politics: United States and the World since 1945

This course examines the role of the United States in world affairs from World War II to the present. It provides a survey of the key events in America's relations with the rest of the world, with specific attention on the interplay between domestic politics and foreign policy. Among the questions discussed will be: what have been and are the limits of American power? What can we make of the repeated projections of America's decline? Are multilateralism/unilateralism 'party-specific'? Change and continuity in American foreign policy from the Cold War to the 21st century. The course will also address such issues as American primacy and the (continuous) relative decline of US power and influence. Students will be expected to produce several pieces of written work, give a number of oral presentations, and participate actively in discussion.