DI154 | Autumn | 6 ECTS

Human Rights in Turbulent Times

The course examines some of the recent challenges faced by international human rights law: claims that it is imperialistic, bureaucratic and elitist, that it distracts from the need for political solutions, that it transfers power away from democratic institutions towards unelected judges, that it should not apply in times of armed conflict, and that it should not and cannot regulate the behaviour of corporations, including the activity of social media. At the same time we will examine the examples of successful human rights campaigns and movements detailed by Gráinne de Búrca in her new book 'Reframing Human Rights in a Turbulent Era' which relate to persons with disabilities, children's rights, gender justice, and reproductive rights in particular contexts. The aim of the course is to cover the international legal framework for the protection of human rights while reflecting on its strengths and weaknesses in the contemporary context.