The Master in Development Studies is composed of a number of different courses, including compulsory methods courses, compulsory core courses by choice, courses offered as part of specialisation tracks, elective courses and workshops.

For a full breakdown of the programme structure and requirements, please see Our Programme or consult the 2020-2021 Catalogue for the Interdisciplinary Masters.

Course catalogue 2020/2021
Interdisciplinary Masters

Course catalogue 2020-2021

Compulsory courses


Compulsory methods courses

Core courses by choice (2 out of 4)


Specialisation tracks


Required core courses in the specialisation (1 out of 2)

Mobilities, Spaces and Cities

Power, Conflict and Development

Environment, Resources and Sustainability

Elective courses in the specialisation

All specialisation elective courses are listed in separate sliders below.

Please note that some specialisation electives are offered by the Disciplinary Masters programmes (listed at the end of each slider). MDEV students will not have priority during registration for these particular electives.


Specialisation clusters

Global Health cluster and Gender cluster electives are listed in separate sliders below.



Interdisciplinary (MINT) electives are listed in separate sliders below. 

Please note that any MDEV and MIA course can also count towards the elective requirements of the programme. See Our programme for details. 



The workshops available in Autumn 2020 will be listed in the slider below in September.