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Master in International Law (120 ECTS)


  • A two-year programme providing in-depth training in international law as well as the tools and approaches necessary for rigorous legal analysis.
  • Includes complementary courses in other disciplines (economics, history, political science, anthropology and sociology)
  • The programme comprises compulsory courses, optional seminars and an original research dissertation in the second year.
  • The programme is aimed at those who wish to pursue either a PhD or a career in research.

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PhD in international law


  • Designed for outstanding students with a strong commitment to international law and a proven ability to carry out independent research.
  • A highly stimulating, intellectual environment.
  • Research supervision covers a wide range of topics.
  • Students receive extensive intellectual support throughout their research, via formal supervision, specialised doctoral seminars and a wide range of events.


LL.M. in International Law (60 ECTS)


  • Our LL.M. in International Law is a one-year programme that provides advanced, comprehensive and practical training in international law.
  • The LL.M. gives a firm grounding in public international law, yet allows students to tailor their studies according to their particular interests. Speciality streams include International Environmental Law and Governance; International Economic Law; and Human Rights, Migration and International Humanitarian Law.
  • In addition to teaching general and specialist legal knowledge, the LL.M. in International Law facilitates a deeper exploration of the most pressing issues in the discipline and hones the professional skills necessary to launch or advance a career in international law.
  • Our LL.M. students have a strong track record of employment in the legal profession, international and non-governmental organisations, government ministries and diplomacy, as well as various private sector destinations.

Master in International Law

  • 3 compulsory courses (18 credits)
  • 12 elective courses (72 credits)
  • 8 to 10 courses in discipline of specialisation (48 to 60 credits)
  • 2 to 4 in one or several other disciplines (12 to 24 credits)
  • Thesis (30 credits)

    Total of 120 credits


  • 2 compulsory courses (12 credits)
  • 3 elective courses in the discipline of specialisation (18 credits)
  • Preliminary thesis dissertation (30 credits)
  • Option to choose minor in another discipline (18 credits)
  • Dissertation

    Total of 60 credits or 78 (with minor)
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