DI014 | Spring | 6 ECTS

Internet Governance: the Role of International Law

The Internet has made us freer, better informed, more connected. And more vulnerable. Born out as a happy, naive cyberspace unshackled from governments and conventional regulation, throwing disapproving lawyers anchored in territory into dismay, it became the means of our lifestyle. It also became the instrument of some the world's darkest forces. How is it to be controlled? By whom? With what values and for what sort of societies? What role should international law play for it all? This is a survey course offering a critical overview of governance challenges and governance models for the Internet. It examines general ways in which to think about, understand, and implement Internet governance, and discusses the main areas of life in which this governance raises legal and ethical issues - from privacy, to e-commerce, to social media, to digital justice. How are we, as peoples, as individuals, to live with the Internet, and how can international law help? No prior knowledge is required. Students in disciplines other than law are welcome.