DI134 | Autumn | 6 ECTS

Law of the Sea: Current Challenges

This course addresses some of the most pressing issues facing the ocean (pollution from land based sources and shipping, acidification from increased CO2 and warming of the seas, illegal, unreported, unregulated and unsustainable fishing, loss of marine biodiversity) and those making a living from the ocean (the abusive treatment of seafarers, piracy). The context for these issues is provided by materials from a diverse range of sources (marine biology, oceanography, investigative journalism, economics, history). This task for this course is to assess whether these pressing issues are adequately addressed by the law. This will involve not only an assessment of the bespoke international treaties and regulations dealing with these various challenges but also an inquiry into the fundamental assumptions of the law of the sea (the ideas underlying the exercise of national jurisdiction over ocean spaces and shipping, the global commons, freedom on the high seas).