MINT076-1 | Autumn | 3 ECTS

Negotiation Techniques for Cooperation and Development Practitioners

Online workshop 20 November (afternoon only) and 21 November This 2 full-day challenge-driven learning-by-doing workshop immerses students into various international negotiation environments relevant to cooperation and development issues. Real-world negotiator-practitioner focused, it is experiential and applied, highly practical, hands-on and participatory, blending interactive presentations, realistic negotiation simulation role-plays followed by expert personalised feedback and analytical debriefings with video playback. On a frequently alternating basis, students assume active roles in various settings: bilateral, multi-stakeholder, corridor informals/advocacy, chairperson, head of delegation, delegation member, etc. Upon completion, students will be equipped with greater skillfulness and self-confidence, and possess the tools for their own continuing negotiation learning and development strategy. Take-home deliverables will enhance efficiency and effectiveness in future professional meetings/negotiations.