ANSO128 | Autumn | 3 ECTS

The Political Anthropology of Media: From Africa to the World

Course dates: (S3) Thursday 8 October 8:15-10:00 (S5) 12:15-14:00 (S2) Friday 9 October 10:15-14:00, (S3) Thursday 15 October 8:15-10:00 (S5) 12:15-1400 (S2) Friday 16 October 10:15-12:00 This course takes the ethnographic analysis of African media as entry point for understanding the cultural politics of globalization in the continent. African media industries have grown exponentially over the past three decades, attracting local and global investments, provoking the emergence of new economic sectors, but also producing original popular cultural forms, and generating new constituencies and aesthetic communities. Through the exploration of a variety of ethnographic case studies from around the continent, this course will explore this burgeoning creative field and will interrogate its contribution to the understanding of Africa's position in the world. The story of the birth and growth of digital film industries in Nigeria, Ethiopia and Côte d'Ivoire, for instance, will be explored to analyse the emergence of new forms of pan-African popular imageries and African understandings of modernity. And the study of Chinese, Indian and Brazilian contents' circulation on African screens will be connected to the analysis of transforming landscapes of South-South interaction. The course will thus take Africa as the building ground for the production of innovative theoretical approaches to understand global processes of cultural and political transformation.