ANSO037 | Autumn | 6 ECTS

Research Design and Proposal Writing in the Social Sciences

This is a seminar on the art of research design in the social sciences. Readings, discussions, and in-class exercises will guide students in crafting their own research proposal. Topics to be covered include competing ethnographic techniques and the redefinition of what constitutes the field, comparative research designs, and how to relate different data collection strategies to form a research proposal. Particular attention will be devoted to the data that different research techniques can generate, the various epistemological, ethical, and theoretical assumptions underpinning them, and how to develop research questions tailored to your own proposal. To do so, students are encouraged to come to class with a potential research topic in mind. Throughout the semester, each student will develop their own proposal by way of short, collaborative, in-class assignments with feedback from the instructor and your colleagues in the class. The course is strongly recommended for 2nd year MA in ANSO.