DE154 | Autumn | 6 ECTS

Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Bridging Theory and Practice

This course offers students an introduction to the field of social innovation and social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship refers to the practice of combining innovation, a problem-solving mindset, pragmatism, and resourcefulness to create market-based models that address some of our most challenging social and environmental problems. While social entrepreneurship is generally focused on the creation and growth of new ventures, social innovation is a broader concept that applies these same principles wherever our career paths take us in the public, private, academic, or civil society sectors. This course will draw on readings and theoretical frameworks, coupled with guest lectures and case studies featuring leading social entrepreneurs and 'social intrapreneurs' in public and private sector institutions, to gain an understanding of prominent organizations in the sector, explore emerging trends, and unpack the nuts and bolts of how such models work in practice. For the final assignment, student teams will produce a “system map” of a social or environmental problem of their choice.