ANSO109 | Autumn | 3 ECTS

Sound and Image: Multimodal Methodologies for the 21st Century

Ethnography is premised on the immediacy of face-to-face in situ approaches, but remains an inherently mediated endeavor. Through both formal and informal practices, mediation shapes every stage of anthropology research, which has been accentuated by access to a variety of digital tools and the ubiquity of the smartphone. Attentive to these emergent conditions as well as earlier precedents for an expanded toolkit, a multimodal turn in anthropology foregrounds a practice-based methodology that engages with sensory epistemologies and recognizes modes of scholarly output at the intersection of scientific methodologies and aesthetic experience. As such, this course will provide a conceptual framework for exploring the potential of such initiatives through critical discussions about interdisciplinarity, art as practice-based research, scholarly validation, embodied epistemologies, etc. As a basis for discussion, students (from any discipline) will experiment with ethnographic drawing, photo compositions, sonic recordings, and more.