This seminar/legal clinic offers a unique opportunity to thoroughly analyze international trade and investment law and and their implications for development through a combination of practice and theory. Students will work in small groups ('project teams') and under the close supervision of one or more Professors('Academic Supervisors'), invited experts ('Mentors') and the Teaching Assistant ('TA') on specific legal questions related to international economic law (IEL) coming from 'real clients' ('Beneficiaries') such as international organizations, governments, SMEs or NGOs. In addition, introductory sessions by Mentors will be held to provide substantive background to the respective topics, as well as skills sessions to improve legal writing and oral presentation skills. At the end of the semester, the groups will submit written legal memos and orally present their projects in class in the presence of the Beneficiary and other invited guests. To get an idea of the types of projects done in previous years, see Spaces are limited and allocated based on CV, acquired knowledge of IEL and the nature of the projects (trade, investment, tax, finance, environment, digital, business & human rights etc.). Students should have taken a basic trade/WTO or investment law course before applying. CVs together with a brief motivation statement should be submitted to the clinic's TA before 10:00, 16 September (Thursday). A notice of the allocation results will be issued on September 19 (Sunday) by 18:00.