Work permits and administrative support

We invite students interested in combining work and studies to carefully read the following, which provides them important information to begin their career journey.



From OCPM attestations to other important documents, we can help you gather what you need to ensure a smooth transition into your new workplace.

  • Work permits information
  • OCPM attestation
  • Tripartite agreement
  • Business cards
  • ECTS validation for internships




A work authorisation is mandatory for non-Swiss nationals residing in Switzerland with a B Permit, classified as formation, and whom have already received an employment offer in Switzerland. Students should send a work authorisation request to the OCPM before the start of their job/internship.

In addition, non-Swiss students are subject to the following work restrictions :

  • Employment activity cannot exceed 37.5%, which is equivalent to 15 hours per week during the academic semester and 40 hours per week during the official holiday (winter and summer break). An exception can be made for students who are getting ECTS for their internship and who are in their 4th semester. Contact for more information.
  • Non-EU/EFTA nationals are not allowed to start a work activity for 6 months upon their arrival date in Geneva. EU/EFTA nationals can start immediately upon their arrival in Geneva.

Exceptions are made for PhD students working in a research field related to their thesis at the Institute. Read our FAQs for additional information.

Important information: if your contract with an employer gets extended, you do not have to ask for another work authorisation as long as your student B permit is valid until the end of your contract.



If you need an OCPM attestation and/or internship agreement (convention de stage) for your future employment, send your request to with the following information:

  • Employer's name

  • Start and end date of the internship

  • Number of working hours per week

  • Your arrival date in Switzerland

  • MIA/MDEV students only: whether you will validate this internship as ECTS

Please specify in the email subject line "Your name - OCPM attestation / internship agreement".

Business Cards


PhD and master students, as well as exchange students and students enrolled in Executive Education programmes, can order business cards at the price of CHF 50 per 100 cards.  Please use the following procedure:

  • Complete the order form electronically in English or French (the business cards will be issued in the selected language). Ensure that your information is filled out correctly.

  • Pay the CHF 50 fee to the cashier at our accounting department (P1 - 421) and get the stamp on your order form.

  • Send the completed form and the proof of payment by email to:

Only titles pertaining to the Graduate Institute and validated by Career Services will be accepted. Academic enrolment years can be cited on the card.


John Doe
Master in International Affairs, 2014-2016

carte visite exemple


ECTS validation for internships


Students in the Interdisciplinary Masters Programme (MIA, MDEV) can earn 3 ECTS for an internship as integal part of their curriculum. In order to receive these credits, students need to fullfil a number of criteria and follow a validation procedure. Contact for more information.




The Career Services team is here to help you. Visit us in person at the Student Services (ground floor, petal 1 across the reception desk) or send us an email: