Global Migration Lecture Series

The state of the world's refugees: crisis or progress?

Dr Jeff Crisp, Moderator: Prof Vincent Chetail
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The state of the world's refugees: crisis or progress?

In this presentation, Dr Jeff Crisp will examine the key global trends relating to refugees over the past decade and assess the international community's response to the issue of human displacement. Looking to the future, the presentation will ask whether there are any reasons to be optimistic about the state of the world's refugees.

Dr Jeff Crisp is a specialist on refugee, migration and humanitarian issues. He has held senior positions with UNHCR, where he was Head of Policy Development and Evaluation, as well as the Global Commission on International Migration, the Independent Commission on International Humanitarian Issues, Refugees International and the British Refugee Council. Jeff has first-hand experience of humanitarian operations throughout the world and has published, lectured and broadcast extensively on refugee-related issues. He has a PhD in African Studies from the University of Birmingham. Jeff is currently affiliated to the Refugee Studies Centre in Oxford and Chatham House in London.