Students & Campus
15 September 2022

Interview with Tamara Pironnet, Managing Director, La Fabrique de la paix

On 20 September 2022, the Institute inaugurated La Fabrique de la paix at the Maison de la Paix. The Fab, as it’s otherwise known, is a place where students, faculty and the public can exchange and innovate. 

Tamara Pironnet, who is also the Managing Director of the Centre for Trade and Economic Integration (CTEI) and the Executive Director of the Bilateral Assistance & Capacity Building for Central Banks programme (BCC), explains more about the Fab’s role at the Institute.

Can you explain the concept behind the Fab?

The Fab is the Institute’s new innovation lab. It aims to be a creative and safe space that promotes and showcases collaborative solutions for the world of today and tomorrow. 

Who is this space for and what are its objectives?

The space is primarily dedicated to students and staff (in the broad sense) of the Institute, but it is open to all. 
The Fab will work towards three objectives: 

  • It will aim to spark curiosity and innovation at the Institute, providing a safe space to do things differently. Key amongst these will be a series of events, co-organised with the Institute's hub on digital and emerging technologies and other partners, which explores alternative futures from different angles. Stay tuned for the “Futures”.
  • It will seek to nurture ideas and skills, accompanying innovative projects from their creation through to their implementation and beyond. This we aim to do through ideation workshops, skills training, networking opportunities, etc.
  • Finally, the Fab will aim to connect the Institute with itself and with others, as innovation often emerges from discussions and exchanges with new and diverse people. 

Why was such a space necessary for the Maison de la paix?

While the Institute has fantastic conference halls, meeting rooms and a Library, it was lacking a space where informal conversations, collaboration and creative work could happen. 

What is your line-up for this academic year?

We are super excited with our initial lineup of events: 

  • We launched the Fab through a fun treasure hunt on 15 September followed by a reception at the Fab.
  • During welcome week we had a range of different “days”
  • 20 September: GISA and Student Initiatives Day
  • 21 September:  Research Day (Research Office and Research Centres)
  • 22 September: Mentorship and Buddy Day
  • 23 September: Policy Relevance Day (Platforms, Joint Centres and more)

The  Futures event series kicked off on 5 October with an event on “Futures of Art”, where the audience had the opportunity to engage with Chimer, an artificial intelligence device that creates art! Our second Futures event will be in November – Diversity Month – and will encourage students and staff to create a science fiction-inspired artwork exploring what the future of diversity could be. 

More details on upcoming events and workshops will soon be available on our website. Here, you can also find information on how to book spaces, co-organise events with us, etc.