Master Students Questions

What will happen with our (mid-term/final) exams?

Each professor has been instructed to adapt his or her syllabus and the evaluation methods of his or her course according to the circumstances and possibly the particular situation of the students. 

What about extended master dissertations that require field work, not possible now due to travel bans?

We invite you to discuss this issue with your supervisor, who should specify how he or she will assess the quality of the dissertation. He or she must take into account the particular circumstances in which the research is conducted (e.g., inability to do fieldwork or to access library resources). A clear message was sent by the Director of Studies to all professors inviting them to be transparent and lenient. 

Master students may request an extension of six months (without payment of tuition fees) upon a duly motivated request to the Director of Studies Office ( by 30 April at the latest.