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Find out what our experts have to say about the impact of the coronavirus on healthcare, the economy, and many other facets of society.

In addition, the Institute’s Global Health Centre has created a section with multiple articles, interviews, videos and discussions on the coronavirus outbreak.

LATEST VIDEO | 30 April 2020 | Heidi.news | Inventing a Breathing Planet after Covid-19
24 April 2020 | Heidi.news | Comparer la grippe espagnole et le Covid-19
20 April 2020 | Heidi.news | International Cooperation to Control the Coronavirus Pandemic
17 March 2020 | Richard Baldwin | The Economic Impact of COVID-19
6 March 2020 | Richard Baldwin & Beatrice Weder di Mauro | Economics in the Time of Covid-19. A new eBook from CEPR and VoxEU


6 mars 2020 | Cédric Tille | Coronavirus, table ronde de Guy Parmelin sur les répercussions économiques

28 January 2020 | Suerie Moon | What Can Those Working to Combat the Coronavirus Learn from the West African Ebola Crisis? - Suerie Moon, Co-Director, Global Health Centre; Visiting Lecturer and Interdisciplinary Programs
19 February 2020 | Suerie Moon | The Global Governance of Outbreaks: From Ebola to the Novel Coronavirus
25 March 2020 | The Medical Shock & the Economic Shock, a Pocket Lecture by Professor Richard Baldwin
LATEST VIDEO | 20 April 2020 | Heidi.news | International Cooperation to Control the Coronavirus Pandemic
9 April 2020 | Heidi.news | Quelle politique économique face à l'épidémie de coronavirus (Covid-19)?
23 April 2020 | Heidi.news | Le Covid-19 sera-t-il l'épreuve de vérité pour l'Union européenne?



6 November, 2021 - COVID-19 and Research in International Law - Fuad Zarbiyev



7 July - Global Challenge - Politics of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Special series "Governance in crisis" by the Global Governance Centre

15 JuneNo “Back to Normal” for the WHO - Ilona Kickbusch

10 JuneGermany’s Role in Global Health - Ilona Kickbusch

29 MayCovid, hysteresis, and the future of workRichard Baldwin

27 MayWhat came out of WHO’s World Health Assembly last week? - Suerie Moon

26 MayEurope in the time of Covid-19: A new crash test and a new opportunity - Agnès Bénassy-Quéré, Beatrice Weder di Mauro

26 May - «N’oublions pas le développement des médicaments»Suerie Moon

22 MayTrade conflict in the age of Covid-19Richard Baldwin, Rebecca Freeman

21 MayCovid-19: il n’y a pas une bonne solutionCharles Wyplosz

4 MayHow international organizations are stepping up to respond to the pandemicStephanie Hofmann

4 MayGéopolitique de l'après-coronavirusMohamed Mahmoud Mohamedou

18 April - The corona spreadsRui Esteves

17 April - Un virus national-libéralJean-François Bayart

17 April - Au cœur de la pandémie, l'OMS confrontée à ses propres limites - Suerie Moon

17 April - Masks, vaccines and hydroxychloroquine: Experts answer your key coronavirus questionsSuerie Moon

15 April - COVID-19: L’immunité de la population encore faible

14 April - Allegro Vivace... The Italian Laboratory, for Better of for Worse - Alessandro Monsutti

7 April - COVID-19: triage des maladies ou triage des patients? Vinh-Kim Nguyen

3 April - Covid-19: how a virus is turning the world upside down

31 March - Le docteur Tedros, capitaine d’un vaisseau fragile en pleine tempête: l’OMS

29 March - EU: Strongly United for Health—Deeply Divided on the Economy

28 March - Your COVID-19 questions, answered

28 March - Global cooperation needed to prevent Covid-19 drugs ‘free-for-all’

25 March - Proposition pour une ligne de crédit Covid

25 March - Covid-19 pandemic puts WHO back in hot seat

24 March - Coronavirus: Less Humanitarianism, More Politics! - Julie Billaud

22 March - Why does Germany have such a low coronavirus death rate?

18 March - Coronavirus : les économistes plaident pour un soutien plus direct de la BCE aux Etats européens

18 March - Mitigating the COVID Economic Crisis: Act Fast and Do Whatever It Takes

7 February - «Le monde n'est pas prêt à affronter une pandémie» (Le Temps)