Executive Covid-19 Briefings

Access key pandemic intelligence to mitigate risks for your organisation


Covid-19 is transforming how organisations operate. How is the epidemic evolving? Will there be a third, or a fourth wave, or even more? What actions should I prioritise today to put my organisation ahead of the curve?

The Graduate Institute Executive Covid briefings will:

  • allow you to exchange with peers from diverse backgrounds and leverage best practices

  • support the transformation of your organisation in this volatile context

  • find opportunities to anticipate your next steps

Through a lively and interactive format, a panel of top experts and decision-makers from diverse fields present and debate the latest intelligence. You will be able to learn from what other businesses are doing through case studies and deepen your understanding. Additional dedicated consulting sessions with our experts are available on request.

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Key Takeaways

  • Make decisions based on the most up-to-date information and insider knowledge from the capital of global health

  • Get the right information at the right time to make the right decisions to drive your organisation

  • Make sense of conflicting information

  • Be ahead of the curve

Added value

  • Access to the Institute’s sought after experts
  • Unique transdisciplinary approaches
  • Rotating panel of 3-4 experts from our world-class research centers to explain/discuss developing trends including up-to-date epidemiological intelligence
  • Understand what’s happening in Geneva, capital of global health
  • Share knowledge, insights and learnings across different industries/roles/countries
  • Benefit from one-to-one insights (additional fee)
Vinh-Kim Nguyen

The Global Health Centre is internationally recognized, with our experts already advising government, public health agencies, hospitals and executives in various sectors. We developed these briefings to respond to the growing demand for our expertise and unique approach.

 Vinh-Kim Nguyen, Co-Director, Global Health Centre, Professor in Anthropology and Sociology, The Graduate
Institute, Geneva



Each 90-minute session will include:

  • Phase 1: 30-minute briefing on the latest developments
  • Phase 2: 15 minutes on a specific topic*
  • Phase 3: 25 - 45 minutes Q&A or case study

*Examples of topics

  • Discover leverage for change
  • Vaccines: When? How? For whom? What will they change?
  • Experiment with new organisational models
  • The role of testing: can it protect my business?
  • Macro-economic and political trends
  • Trade restrictions and border closures
  • Innovations in funding R&D and access to vaccines and treatments
  • Integrate the latest developments to design innovative solutions

Additional sessions will be added if the pandemic persists



Every other Monday at 16:00 CET (90’)
        Starting on 2 November 2020



CHF 750 (individual fee for 4 sessions)
Group fee: 4 seats for the price of 3
Additional consulting: fee upon request




Marie Laure Salles

The Global Health Center of the Institute produces world class research while being at the same time intensely involved in policy advice. At the Institute, we have benefited from its direct involvement to help us navigate the crisis and make the right decisions. One of the concrete results has been that we managed to welcome 80% of our students back on campus in September.

Marie Laure Salles, Director, The Graduate Institute, Geneva

Who should attend?


  • Senior executives, civil servants and non-profit leaders who need to understand what’s happening before reading it in the media
  • Decision-makers from any size company, any industry and any country who need to get ahead of the curve in terms of Covid-19

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