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Alexandre LAUWERS

PhD Researcher in International Economics
Spoken languages
English, French, Spanish
Areas of expertise
  • International macroeconomics
  • Monetary Economics
  • Finance

PhD Thesis


Title: Capital Flows: Essays in International Economics and Finance

PhD Supervisor: Cédric Tille

Expected completion date: 2022




Alexandre is a PhD candidate in International Economics, supervised by Cédric Tille. He holds a Master of Arts in Economics from Columbia University and Masters of Science in Economics and Financial Economics from Universite Catholique de Louvain and University of Geneva. His current research focuses on capital inflows and the ability of banks to channel credit to its most productive use (using firm-level data in 12 emerging economies), and on the institutional channel of capital inflows (using industry-level data in 100 countries). His research also concentrates on gradual information diffusion across asset markets, in which Money Managers positons in simple instruments, like commodity futures, predict the returns of securities that are more difficult to analyze, such as common stocks issued by commodity producers. Alexandre has gained extensive experience in international organizations (IMF, ITC, WTO).


Academic Work experience


Research Experience

Research Assistant to Professor Rahul Mukherjee (2017-2021)


Relevant Publications and Works


- Ho, Steven & Lauwers, Alexandre. (2021). Is There Smart Money? How Information in the Commodity Futures Market Is Priced into the Cross-Section of Stock Returns with Delay. AFA 2019 Atlanta Meetings Paper
- Hafner, Christian & Lauwers, Alexandre. (2016). An augmented Taylor rule for the Federal Reserve's response to asset prices. International Journal of Computational Economics and Econometrics.


Fellowships, Grants and Awards


Gustave Boël-Sofina Grant 2015, Belgian American Education Foundation Fellowship