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Cesare Figari Barberis

PhD Researcher in International Relations & Political Science

PhD Thesis


Title: Ideology and the Grip of Hate: a Comparative Analysis of Post-Conflict Relations in Georgia and Azerbaijan

PhD Supervisor and Co-Supervisor: Keith Krause and Stephanie Hofmann




Cesare obtains his Bachelor in Business Management and his first Master in Public Administration Management at Bocconi University. He subsequently obtains his second Master in International Relations/Political Science at the Graduate Institute Geneva, where he is currently also pursuing his PhD. His area of research are interethnic relations and conflicts in Eurasia, with a particular focus on the South Caucasus. He has indeed done an internship at the Italian Embassy in Baku and field work in Tiblisi. From a theoretical point of view, Cesare tries to enhance our understanding of interethnic relations by combining psychoanalytical Lacanian approaches with the literature on emotions and conflict. This combination, indeed, opens up the possibility of analyzing the "grip of hate" and thus the persistence of prejudice among certain rival ethnic groups.