Geneva is home to the world’s highest concentration of international organisations and diplomatic missions, which, along with the rich array of non-governmental organisations and multinationals headquartered in the Lake Geneva region, form an exceptional density of global governance stakeholders.


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As home to the main specialised United Nations organisations, Geneva hosts multilateral negotiations in three inter-linked domains:

  • Peace (Conference on Disarmament, conferences on Syria, etc.)
  • Rights (humanitarian law and human rights, economic and social rights, intellectual property rights, etc.)
  • Welfare (trade, environment, migration, health, labour, etc.)

Since the creation of the League of Nations in Geneva in the aftermath of World War I, the Institute has maintained close ties with International Geneva. In particular, the Institute:

  • Prepares students for leading roles in international affairs (national/international public sector, non-profit organisations, private sector)
  • Provides international actors with expertise for shaping and implementing international policy 
  • Offers career development opportunities to professionals working in the international arena
  • Assists international actors in finding interns or entry-level candidates among its student body and recent graduates who perfectly match their needs
  • Advances public understanding of major global challenges through a knowledge  forum and events platform, many of which are organised with the participation of or in collaboration with international actors

In recent years, the Institute has concluded a dozen memoranda of understanding with key international actors in the Geneva area. These agreements provide a framework for the parties to advance their mission through a wide range of strategic collaborative endeavours. 


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Michael Møller
Everything that is done here, in Geneva, has a direct impact on every person on this planet, in any 24-hour period
Michael Møller
Former Director-General, United Nations Office at Geneva

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