Israel Gutierrez


Israel Gutierrez is a PhD student in International Economics at the Graduate Institute, where he is working on Global Value Chains under the supervision of Prof. Richard Baldwin. Before joining the Graduate Institute, he worked several years as a trade negotiator for the Ministry of the Economy of Mexico. As Director for Rules of Origin and Customs Procedures he negotiated the “Rules of Origin and Origin Procedures”, “Textile and Apparel Goods”, “Customs Administration and Trade Facilitation” Chapters in Free Trade Agreements (FTA’s).  Later as Director for International Trade in Services and Investment he negotiated the “Investment”, “Cross-Border Trade in Services”, “Financial Services”, “Temporary Entry for Business Persons”, “Telecommunications”, and “Electronic Commerce” chapters in FTA’s, as well various Bilateral Investment Agreements (BIT’s). FTA´s include Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), Pacific Alliance, Mexico-European Union, EFTA, Argentina, Brazil, etc. BIT´s include Mexico-Qatar, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Switzerland, Iceland, etc.