GGC Staff - Juanita Uribe


PhD Researcher in International Relations & Political Science
Spoken languages
Spanish, English, French
Areas of expertise
  • Global governance
  • Politics of expertise
  • Science-policy
  • Knowledge production

PhD Thesis


Title: Mastering the Globe: The Co-Constitution of Expertise and Governance Objects

PhD Supervisor: Annabelle Littoz-Monnet

Juanita’s thesis investigates how certain problems are co-constituted as governance objects and what is the role of expertise in this process.




Juanita holds a Bachelor in Political Science and History from Sorbonne University, she obtained her Master in International Relations/Political Science at the Graduate Institute. She is currently a PhD candidate and works as a Research Assistant at the Global Governance Centre. Her research lies at the intersection between International Relations and Science and Technology Studies and focuses on three major themes: the politics of expertise, international organizations and knowledge production.