Laura Flórez


PhD Researcher in Anthropology and Sociology
Spoken languages
French, Spanish, Italian
Areas of expertise
  • Anthropology of art
  • Anthropology of violence
  • Anthropology of Law
  • Multimodal methodologies
  • Action-research
Geographical Region of Expertise
  • Colombia
  • Venezuela

PhD Thesis


PhD Supervisor: Julie Billaud

Expected completion date: 2025


Academic Work experience


Research Experience

Project Title: “Interrogating unsafety: A comparative action-research on COVID-19 governance and exacerbation of everyday insecurities of houseless populations in Indian cities”




  • 2020 “Memoria del conflicto en Buenaventura. Un aporte a la construcción de verdad y reconciliación”. Academic Supervisor of the Report presented by CIVP - Buenaventura to the Commission for the Clarification of Truth, Coexistence and Non-Repetition (CEV). ISBN: 978-958-53162-0-1

  • 2018 “Récits de paramilitaires. Une analyse des formes narratives dans les tribunaux de justice transitionnelle en Colombie”. Final Research Project to opt for the Master in Social Sciences, University Neuchâtel, Switzerland

  • 2016 Student Group Migr’action of University of Neuchâtel. Editorial project “Racism in the University” with the collaboration of the Town/City Hall

  • 2015 Photographic coverage “Recycling of the exclusion centers in Switzerland”. Future federal welcoming centers for Refugees. Bulletin No.3 Solidarité sans frontières, Sosf

  • 2015 “Sexism and Racism, Similar”, transfer and viewpoints” Event about Pop Culture and Gender. Master in Social Sciences, Gender Concentration. University of Bern

  • 2014 “Exclusion in the Context of Migration, Generalities to Disclose”. El Secretariado Bilingüe winner project of the annual Ministry of Culture Scholarship. ISBN : 2389-749

  • 2014 “Of the Generation of Meeting Spaces”. Centro Abierto y Libre de estudios-prácticas ECOSÓFICOS. Ecosofía Magazine. ISBN: 2323-0487. Coauthored with Una Lina Pardo