Michael Kende

Michael KENDE

Spoken languages
English, French, German
Areas of expertise
  • Industrial Organization
  • Economics of the Internet
  • Internet development
  • Internet governance


Ph.D. in economics, MIT
Michael Kende is a Senior Fellow at the Internet Society, a Senior Advisor at Analysys Mason, and an Affiliate of the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University. Most recently, he was the Chief Economist of the Internet Society. Prior to joining the Internet Society in August 2013, Michael Kender was a partner at Analysys Mason, a global consulting firm focused on telecommunications and media. He was head of the Policy and Regulatory sector, head of the U.S. office, and most recently was in charge of developing its Internet practice at Analysys Mason. He has done a significant amount of work on promoting Internet development in emerging regions around the world. He is also working on the economics of cybersecurity, as a means to reduce data breaches and increase trust in the Internet. He has a Ph.D. in economics from MIT and a BA in mathematics and economics from Bowdoin College. After MIT, he spent five years as a professor of Economics at INSEAD, teaching microeconomics to MBA students and a course in industrial organisation for Ph.D. students. He was also the Director of Internet Policy Analysis at the US Federal Communications Commission, where he was responsible for managing a wide range of policy analyses and regulatory decisions. Prior to MIT, Michael Kende worked as a systems analyst in the IT department for Proctor and Gamble in Geneva.




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