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PhD Researcher in Anthropology and Sociology
Spoken languages
Italian, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Areas of expertise
  • Medical anthropology
  • Humanitarianism
  • Clinical Ethnography
Geographical Region of Expertise
  • Italy
  • Switzerland

PhD Thesis


PhD Supervisor & 2nd Reader: Vinh-Kim Nguyen and Aditya Bharadwaj

Expected completion date: 2023-2024

The Coronavirus pandemic strikingly pictured the globe as an incredible compression of time and space and revealed dysfunctional state(s) of the world, of living beings and of advanced-liberal democracies where the space of the public and the private have been profoundly mediated and unsettled by fields of science and technology.
The aim of my project is to investigate the material and moral conditions of the epidemic where of science, technocracy and politics articulate news ways of understanding and governing life and death, public health and the body.
The project entails a multi-sited ethnographic study between Italy and Switzerland to follow biographical experiences of Covid-19 survivors and related to victims, scientific and political authorities, social life of material objects and to explore bio-social spaces to disentangle the networked connectivity between local and global governance, material and moral understandings.

Country of origin: Italy


Research Interests


  • Medical Anthropology
  • Humanitarianism
  • Clinical Ethnography


Academic Work Experience


Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant for the following courses: (ANSO 104) Social Theory I by Denis Rodgers, and (ANSO081) Research Methods in Anthropology and Sociology, by Françoise Grange Omokaro and Graziella Moraes Dias Da Silva (Fall Semester 2020/2021)