Mission, Values and Principles

The Charter defines the principles and values that unite all the individuals working at the Institute, from the students to the academic and administrative staff. It sets out for this community the defining elements of an identity which must find expression in the activities of its members and provide them with a sense of belonging.


The Graduate Institute is an institution of research and higher education dedicated to the fields of international relations and development studies. Its activities include: research, postgraduate teaching, executive education, forums for debate and forward-looking thinking.

Its mission is to offer independent and rigorous analyses of current and emerging global challenges, in an effort to promote a more just and united international community and to make an academic contribution to the development of less fortunate societies. The Institute carries out its mission by drawing on the intellectual resources available among the international actors based in Geneva and by developing its own international networks.


The Institute is a community made up of individuals from all over the world, united by a commitment to certain core values:

  •  Excellence
  •  Independence
  •  Responsibility
  •  Solidarity
  •  Diversity


As a community committed to realising our mission while ensuring full respect for our values, we give priority to the following principles:

  • Exchange and dialogue: each member of the community undertakes to actively collaborate and share knowledge with other members of the community; this is the very basis of a stimulating and innovative environment;
  • Clear management and communication policies: each member of the community undertakes to adhere to a communications policy aimed at enhancing our activities and strengthening the transparency and quality of our management procedures;
  • Rigour and integrity in the realisation of tasks: each member of the community undertakes to fulfil their functions to the best of their ability with assiduity, diligence, integrity and rigour;
  • Respect for others and recognition of the contribution made by each individual: each member of the community undertakes to work towards the creation of a working environment in which each individual is treated with respect and equality; each individual must be able to voice a critical opinion while respecting the rights of others and without fear of censure;
  • Respect for the sustainable development policy: each member of the community undertakes to limit the environmental impact of his activities and those of the Institute in accordance with the Institute’s policy.
Maison de la Paix

The Charter of the Institute