General conditions

Executive Education


The tuition fee includes teaching costs, course material, the use of Graduate Institute facilities and the use of the on-line material. It does not include travel and accommodation expenses nor travel, health or personal insurances.

All amounts indicated by the Graduate Institute Executive Education department constitute the net payable fees in Swiss Francs. Please note that bank transfer, credit card charges and postal orders must be paid by the sender.

Participant registration will only be confirmed once admission has been granted by the Admissions Committee and tuition fees payment has been received as indicated on the tuition fees invoice.

Without receipt of your payment in due time, the Graduate Institute reserves the right to freely reallocate places on the course as it sees fit, and you may consequently be prevented from participation.



Withdrawal must be clearly stated in written form to the Programme coordinator.

  • Withdrawal until 2 months before the programme start date, you will receive a 95% refund of the paid tuition fees.

  • Between 2 months prior and the start date of the programme, you will receive a 65% refund of the paid tuition fees.

  • After beginning the programme, there will be no tuition refunds issued and full programme tuition payment is expected. Please note that as space is limited, your participation implies that you may be keeping another candidate from participating in the programme.

The Graduate Institute reserves the right to modify, postpone or cancel the Programme upon unforeseen circumstances, in particular if the face-to-face conditions and the use of Graduate facilities cannot be maintained; we reserve the right to transform the on-site teaching to a live virtual classroom.

For detailed information, please refer to the Graduate Institute's main Policies and legal notices.



The Graduate Institute Executive Education Department cannot provide any financial assistance to candidates. Upon request, however, it will provide a letter of recommendation to your sponsor or scholarship institution.

The Graduate Institute is granted the Swiss Certification Label, Eduqua. Therefore, if you are a Geneva resident or tax payer, you may be entitled to a training allowance for continuing education.

For further information, application and the list of accredited programmes, please visit the State of Geneva website before the beginning of the course. No funds are granted once a Programme has started. This process is independent from the Graduate Institute.


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