We thrive to put the right person in the right place to tackle the challenges of an increasingly complex and interrelated world.

Reputed for their professionalism, analytic rigour and eagerness to change the world, students and alumni from the Graduate Institute are top tier candidates for companies, international organisations, non-profits and government agencies seeking interns, junior hires and even senior level recruits. To help you in the recruiting process, we can personally assist you in the successful search for the best person to excel in and contribute to your workplace.

By matching private and public sector employers with highly motivated, skilled students, recent graduates or experienced alumni, our goal is to bring together multidisciplinary expertise and knowledge to tackle the challenges of an increasingly complex and interrelated world.

Please note that our assistance services are provided pro bono (free of charge) for international and non-governmental organisations.



We offer you opportunities to gain greater visibility among students and alumni. Through sponsorships, presentations, scholarships or participation in our Connexion Career Days, we help you build a bridge to the future.

The Institute’s numerous of events and media outreach can provide your business or organisation with a unique opportunity to get in contact with our students and graduates. This contact will allow you to promote your institution among future potential employees.


Participate in the Connexion Career Days

A key annual event for the Institute, Connexion Career Days offer an exceptional opportunity for employers to encounter highly-qualified candidates with international perspectives. It is also an occasion where students and graduates looking to jump start a career in the public, non-profit or private sectors can get a glimpse of their potential future.

Organised around panel discussions and booths, Connexion Career Days connects students with potential future employers. Human resource representatives from public, private, third and academic sector institutions are invited to explain the recruitment process particular to their enterprise and Institute alumni contribute to the discussion by relaying their own professional experiences. The entire event is moderated by current doctoral students who also represent the Graduate Institute’s centres of research.

Capstone Projects

Gain insights into global challenges facing your sector’s field of work by working with skilled students from the Graduate Institute.

Capstone projects provide our partners with an opportunity to engage in a research project with the next generation of international and development professionals and prepare our students to work at the cutting-edge of global challenges.

Capstone projects are a unique pedagogical experience where small groups of graduate students work with partners from International Geneva to conduct research projects that respond to today’s global challenges. Projects are part of the master curricula and carry 9 ECTS.

Interdisciplinary Master in International Affairs

Capstone projects

Our Capstone Projects are applied research seminars that form an integral part of the Master in International Affairs.
Interdisciplinary Master in Development Studies

Capstone projects

Our Capstone Projects are applied research seminars that form an integral part of the Master in Development Studies.

Expand your reach


Suggest a workshop or presentation
By offering a wide range of workshops on essential skills they’ll need to be successful in an international career, we prepare our students for their future workplace throughout their studies in Geneva. Your business or organisation can contribute by giving a presentation on your field of work.

Internships and jobs
Help our students and alumni get to know your company better by posting positions.

Reach an international audience of more than 25,000 international contacts, consisting of academic institutions, embassies and consulates, young graduates and alumni, professionals from all sectors, partners and friends of the Institute by placing an announcement in Globe, the Institute’s bilingual, biannual review. You can also place an advertisement in a flyer targeted to the audience you would like to reach.

Find out more about how you can expand your company’s or organisation’s reach by contacting us.


Engage with us

Actively engaged in fundraising campaigns to support the Institute’s development, we have instituted various scholarships, which can bear the name of any outside business, organisation or person.