Programme Overview

Module 1

- At AUCA in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan -

5 weeks (full-time) in August 2021

Certificate & Master

  • Analyse conflict drivers, societal fault lines and fragility triggers

  • Acquire analytical and methodological skills to carry out a research

  • Learn how to manage development projects in fragile settings, with a strategic perspective

The participants to the Certificate must write a paper and submit it two months after the end of the module.

Module 2

- At your place of work -

4 months (part-time) from September to December 2021


  • Gather information (data collection, interviews, observations)

  • Write your professional thesis (topic relevant to your work and your organisation’s needs)

  • Study global governance through e-learning

Module 3

- In international Geneva -

3 weeks (full-time) in February 2022


  • Strengthen your leadership skills (mediation, negotiation, foresight)

  • Present your professional thesis in public

  • Participate in work sessions with international and non-governmental organisations