Key information



Course Dates

The exact dates of each module for each region will be confirmed later.

Application Deadline

  • Rolling admissions for the Executive Certificate

  • 15 March 2022 for the Executive Master

Location & language



  • Module 1:  Online and in Accra, Bangkok, Bishkek, Doha, Lima or Ouagadougou

  • Module 2: Place of work

  • Module 3: Geneva


English, French or Spanish



Executive Certificate: CHF 8'500

Executive Master: CHF 3'500 to CHF 25'000 according to country of origin

Logistic fees are organised and covered by the programme. You are only required to organise and take at your expenses the round trip to attend Module 1.

Priority countries

If you are coming from a priority country, your financial contribution will be limited to CHF 3'500.

Opportunities for other countries

If you are coming from a non-priority country, you may still be eligible for cost reduction and your financial contribution will be fixed according to the Human Development Index (HDI):

  • CHF 12'500 for candidates coming from a country with a low-to-medium HDI

  • CHF 17'500 for candidates coming from a country with a high HDI

  • CHF 25'000 for candidates coming from a country with a very high HDI

Swiss candidates

Your contribution will vary between CHF 3'500 and CHF 25'000, and will be fixed according to your 'Revenu Déterminant Unifié' (RDU). For more information, please, contact Bruno Medroa.

If you are a Geneva tax payer, you may be eligible to the chèque annuel de formation (CAF) up to CHF 2'250, delivered by the Canton of Geneva. The CAF request must be made before the start of the training. The programme reference is 2713.

For detailed information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions

Entry requirements


  • Bachelor's degree (minimum 3 years) and several years of professional experience (or an equivalent combination of training and experience)

  • Proficiency either in English, French or Spanish

  • Support of the applicant's organisation - Master only

  • Optimal age: between 30 and 45 years - Master only

Degrees awarded


Executive Certificate in Development Policies and Practices
Certificate of Advanced Studies - CAS (15 ECTS)
Requires successful completion of Module 1

Executive Master in Development Policies and Practices
Diploma of Advanced Studies - DAS (30 ECTS)
Requires successful completion of Modules 1, 2 and 3

Both programmes count towards the  Master  of  Advanced Studies (MAS) in International Strategy and Leadership

IMPORTANT: Please, note that CAS and DAS degrees cannot be counted as academic degree requirements needed for PhD applications.

application process

  • Online application form

  • Scanned copies of your academic degrees

  • Letter of reference from your current or previous employer -  Certificate only

  • Letter from your current employer explaining the relevance of your professional thesis for the institution's activities and objectives. This letter must be written on headed paper and include the full contact details of the person signing it: surname, first name, position, email address and telephone number - Master only   - Download letter outline

Alumni benefits

Upon successful completion of the degree (Executive Certificate or Executive Master), participants become alumni of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, and get the following benefits:

  • Full alumni membership of the Graduate Institute alumni network of 18,000+ members

  • 10% discount on Executive Education programmes

  • Networking and professional development opportunities through alumni regional chapters and DPP community of practice