Programme Overview

sessions 1 & 2

Global Environmental Governance, Food & Water, Climate Change & Energy

Certificate & Master


  • Elevate your view on key structures, stakeholders, and regulatory frameworks for each area

  • Explore trends and hot topics (80% of the programme renewed each year with our “in-focus” sessions)

  • Study systems approach looking at the Food - Water - Climate change - Energy nexus

  • Acquire leadership skills in system thinking, strategic foresight, advocacy, multi dimension negotiation and influence

  • Dive into the multidimensional approach looking into the science-policy interface

  • Discover multiple views offered by academia, policy- makers, diplomats and experts

  • Adaptive leadership tools & skills: develop a vision, influence, and build the partnerships of the future

session 3

Fundamentals of Global Governance

Master (online)


  • Bring environment in the broader context of global governance

  • Understand contemporary dynamics of international affairs and complex system

  • Identify collaboration areas and study hot issues and cases in global trade, health, and environmental governance

  • Exposure to multilateral context of international Geneva

session 4

Analysis and Tools for Decision-Making



  • Deconstruct the policy-making process

  • Participate in case studies and scenario-based role play for a multidimensional hands-on approach

  • Practice more tools: Foresight, Design Thinking

  • Understand decision-making within regional and international organisations