How to Apply to the Geneva Challenge

Register now, submit later!

Registration extended to

18 APRIL 2021



12 july 2021



What is the difference between the two deadlines?

The registration deadline is simply the date by which we need you to fill in the application form and send us your proof of enrolment, confirming your status as a master student.

  • The confirmation documents (enrolment certificates or student cards) should contain your name, your graduate programme and a recent issuance date.

  • In case you do not have these documents at the time of your registration, please send them to this email address ( before the extended deadline of 18 April 2021.

Following the registration, you have four months to prepare you proposal, which is due by the submission deadline. Your project must be submitted on this form before midnight 12 am (Central Europe Time), on 12 July 2021.