Centre for Trade and Economic Integration (CTEI)
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Why the Future Trade is in Services

Richard Edward Baldwin
, -

Auditorium Ivan Pictet A2, Maison de la paix

In collaboration with Richard Baldwing - Professor, International Economics. Co-Director, Centre of Trade and Economic Integration and  Ms. Anabel González - WTO Deputy Director - General

Moderated by Victor Stolzenburg - Research Economist at World Trade Organization


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“As world trade in goods as a share of world GDP has declined since 2008, services trade continues to boom. This talk argues that the future of trade lies in services, especially intermediate services, since digital technology is rapidly exposing services that were previously non-tradeable to globalisation. One name for this is “telemigration”, which refers to workers who sit in one nation but regularly work in offices and remote teams in another nation. Beyond the impact of digital, the talk points out that the other great 21st century challenges – geoeconomic tensions and climate change – threaten goods trade more than services trade.”