How to apply

2022-2023 applications are now open! Click here to apply to the interdisciplinary Master in International and Development Studies.

Visit our admission page for information about the general admission process, deadlines and requirements. 

Choosing your Master specialisation

In order to have a balanced number of students per specialisation, we are asking applicants to indicate their specialisation preference (one, two or “any” - no preference) when they apply to the programme. What you select will have no bearing on your admission to the programme: we evaluate your application to the master programme based on the overall strength of your file (see our admission criteria). For this reason, you do not need to mention your specialisation preferences in your letter of motivation, unless this is an essential element of your motivational narrative.

If your application is successful, we will assign you a specialisation based on the preference(s) you indicated, your academic standing in relation to other admitted students, and the number of spaces remaining in each specialisation. You will receive your specialisation assignment together with your admission offer. 

If we are not able to place you in your first or second choice of specialisation, we will contact you personally before the regular decision notification deadline (15 March 2022) to discuss your options among the specialisations that still have spaces remaining. Please note that the programme is designed in a way to allow you to explore themes from various specialisations through your Applied Research Project and your elective courses, so you will be able to use these programme components to investigate themes in your preferred specialisation, even if it is not the one you are assigned.