Politics of urban planning the making and unmaking of the Mumbai Development Plan 2014–2034


This book offers an interdisciplinary and dynamic account of the politicization of urban planning in Mumbai, India. It presents a unique perspective on the tensions and conflicts pervading the development and regulation of contemporary cities in the wider context of global urbanization, and broadens readers’ understanding of urban planning, chiefly focusing on the interplay between grassroots movements, experts’ involvement, and sociotechnical questions. As the respective chapters of the book show, the various controversies surrounding the Mumbai Development Plan (MDP) have called into question the social and political effects of reshaping the city, the exclusion, and inequalities it has produced, but also the role it confers on the state and the market, and its impacts on the environment. After carefully describing these controversies, the book tackles the fundamental democratic question of who gets to define the future of a city. Given its scope, the book is of interest to researchers, students, and teachers of city planning, urban development, and urban studies, as well as policymakers.