Career prospects

An education at the Institute prepares graduates for international careers in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Master students

Many of our graduates go on to pursue careers all over the world, spanning the public and private sectors, and from local to international levels. Graduate Institute alumni can be found working at international organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and in public administration, research institutions, universities, and more. A degree from our Institute means you will be able to easily adapt to a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment


PhD students

After having completed your PhD from the Graduate Institute, you will possess the advanced critical and analytical skills necessary to pursue a career in teaching or research, but you will also be highly qualified to work in senior positions at international or non-profit organisations, think tanks, government agencies, banks, consulting firms or other businesses. 

Key Facts


  • Average length of time to find a job after graduation: less than four months.
  • Almost all master students gain prior professional or internship experience during their studies.
  • More than 50% of recent graduates start working in Switzerland, others go all over the world.
  • 92% of employment opportunities are in three sectors: the public, private and third sectors (NGOs, think tanks or foundations), with the remaining portion going to the academic sector.
  • In the public sector, more than half of recent graduates go to work for an international organisation or in diplomacy.
  • A fair share of graduates going to the private sector choose to work at multinationals, followed by consulting and banking.

After graduation

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