General Curriculum Outline

To complete the Master in International and Development Studies, students will need to fulfil a total of 120 ECTS in accordance with the General Curriculum Outline.

Students will be required to:

  • Follow two compulsory core courses: “Global Issues I” in the first semester and “Global Issues II” in the second semester.
  • Follow one compulsory course on research approaches in the first semester and take 12 credits of research electives from the second semester onwards.
  • Follow one compulsory specialisation course in the first semester and obtain 24 credits of specialisation electives during any of the four semesters of the programme.
  • Complete an Applied Research Project for nine credits and applied research skills workshops for six credits over the first and second semester.
  • Obtain 12 credits of professional skills workshops during the first three semesters of the programme
  • Optional: validate an internship for three credits. If the student chooses not to do so, they are required to obtain an additional three credits of elective course or professional skills workshop.
  • Produce a thesis for 30 credits.

Download the General Curriculum Outline