LL.M. in Global Health Law and Governance

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Sarah Roache, Director, Global Health Law LL.M.
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The LL.M. in Global Health Law and Governance offers a unique opportunity to become a specialist in a rapidly evolving field of law and to study at the heart of global health law and policy-making.

Geneva is the home of international institutions such as the World Health Organization, UNAIDS, the World Trade Organization, and the International Labor Organization, which all play an important role in global health governance. Discover more about Geneva>
Moreover, Georgetown University Law Center offers lawyers working nationally and internationally the opportunity to advance their knowledge and skills through focused studies in core law and policy courses.

The LL.M. in Global Health Law and Governance provides a comprehensive approach to global health through the broad portfolio of courses available at both Georgetown and the Graduate Institute, which means participants receive a well-rounded training in health, trade, economics, intellectual property, and human rights, for example. Participants also complete an internship at an organisation that engages with global health health issues, which allows them to apply what they have learnt in the classroom, gain an insight into international organisations and to build their professional networks. Why study at the Institute>

Programme highlights


Two institutions at the cutting edge of global heath law and policy

Unparalleled course offering

Internship component

World-renowned faculty

Located in Washington, DC and Geneva

Full- or part-time basis at Georgetown

Full-time Spring semester at the Graduate Institute

Gian Luca Burci
Your time in Geneva will offer a unique prospect for you to develop an outstanding profile in global health law.
Professor Gian Luca Burci
Legal Counsel, World Health Organization

General admission requirements


Candidates for all LL.M. programs must have graduated from either (a) a U.S. law school that is approved by the American Bar Association or (b) a law school in another country if the level of study is equivalent to the American JD.  Candidates for the S.J.D. program must have a first degree in law from any country, and an LL.M. degree from a law school in the United States (applications from candidates with LL.M. degrees from the U.K., Canada or Australia will be considered on a case-by-case basis).


Lawyers Educated Outside of the U.S.

Applicants who studied law outside the United States must have completed legal study at a level equivalent to the American JD, i.e., have received a degree in law sufficient to allow one to sit for a bar examination and/or practice as a lawyer within the applicant’s home country. For example, candidates who studied in France will have completed the Master I or the Maitrise; German candidates must have obtained the results of the First State Examination (Erste Juristische Staatsprüfung); Japanese applicants will hold either the LL.B. or the post-graduate degree in law under the new legal education system; Mexican candidates will hold the Licenciado en Derecho. Preference in the admissions process is given to those applicants with full-time legal work experience after the completion of studies.

application process


All applicants to the LL.M. and S.J.D. programs must submit the following information.  Some programs may have additional specific requirements listed below.  Please review this entire page for the instructions applicable to your program.  S.J.D. applicants in particular, please note the additional requirements below.

  • $90 Application fee

  • An application form including basic biographical information such as name, address and birth date are required in the online application

  • Resume

  • Personal Statement

  • Law and Undergraduate Transcripts

  • Registrar's Certification Form: Because the LSAC Document Assembly Service does not serve to authenticate transcripts, all students must complete a Registrar’s Certification Form, with the following exception: Internationally-educated students who use the International Transcript Authentication and Evaluation Service are NOT required to complete a Registrar’s Certification Form

  • Two Letters of Recommendation: Recommenders may complete and submit recommendations to LSAC.  Recommenders may also send letters of recommendation directly to the Graduate Admissions Office via mail

  • TOEFL score report: (Only required if English is not your native language) While you may upload a copy of your TOEFL score report to your online application for purposes of completing your file for review, you must also have an official score report sent to the Graduate Admissions Office

  • Explanations to any “Yes” responses to the questions on Page 2 of the appropriate application form

optional information


  • Optional Statement: Any additional information you would like the Graduate Admissions Committee to consider when reviewing your application

If you wish to add any supplementary materials to your file or make any changes to the information you have already submitted, you must send new information to the Graduate Admissions Office by email (llmadmis@law.georgetown.edu -please do not send large PDF files) or mail

Admissions criteria for this LL.M. are also contained in the admissions materials that can be accessed on the Georgetown Graduate Programs Admissions Information webpage.

For more information, please contact the Georgetown University Law Center’s Graduate Admissions Office at (00 1 202) 662-9020

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