Graduate Institute Podcasts Series

The Graduate Institute produces and participates in various podcast series that focus on key current global issues. Here’s an overview our current series.

What Matters Today

What Matters Today is a current affairs podcast series featuring Graduate Institute faculty commenting on the most pressing global issues impacting, economics, politics, health, and society.

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In Conversation With

In Conversation With is a podcast series in which we ask renowned experts and thought-leaders to address pressing global issues with a Graduate Institute faculty member.

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Parlons-en est une série de podcasts de l’Institut de hautes études internationales et du développement qui convie des experts, académiques et intellectuels, de renom à traiter des grands enjeux internationaux du moment avec des membres de sa faculté.

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Inside Geneva

Inside Geneva is a Swissinfo production in partnership with the Genève Vision media network and the Graduate Institute Geneva. The series goes behind the scenes of the international organizations in Geneva and provides a global picture of global issues, whether migration crises, human rights, health emergencies, or the future of the United Nations.

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