Doctoral researcher
Spoken languages
English, French, German, Spanish
Areas of expertise
  • Urban sociology and anthropology
  • Youth Employment and Participation
  • Social movements
  • Democratic participation
  • Gender studies



Alice Daquin is a doctoral researcher in the department of Anthropology and Sociology of the Graduate Institute of Geneva, and a member of the project: "Gangs, Gangsters and Ganglands: Towards a Global Comparative Ethnography". This project is directed by Dennis Rodgers and hosted by the CCDP. In this project, her doctoral research is about inhabitants' resistance and mobilizations against violence in popular neighborhoods of Marseille.

Alice studied in three places that gave her different backgrounds. At Science Po Lyon, she learned about political sciences in a multidisciplinary approach. She also spent an Erasmus year in the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (UK) which enabled her to fulfill an intensive sociological and anthropological training. Last but not least, she spent two years in Saint-Etienne in France in the Altervilles Master which focused on strategic alternatives for urban development. There, she specialized on the situation of French popular neighborhoods, youth practices and identities, ethnic and gender dimensions of cities. Her master thesis was based on ethnographic fieldwork in the banlieue of Lyon and is entitled "The construction of the problem of the 'city youth'. An analysis of relationships between youth and institutions of a popular neighborhood".

Alice has also engaged in urban popular education and activism. Before the PhD, she has worked more than a year in the association Robins des Villes, which defends the right of the inhabitants to appropriate and make decisions about their urban environment in Lyon. She has been in charge of the creation of public events (urban walks, days of research, debates), the co-animation of collaborative research program on youth citizenship and the creation and animation of popular education workshops in schools about the city.




Daquin Alice. 2019. « Avoir un local à soi »: Enjeux de territoire entre jeunes de rue et institutions d’un quartier populaire. Agora débats/jeunesses, 83(3), 71-88

Daquin Alice, Huet Marine, Lebian Julien, Martinais Emmanuel & Martinez Camille. (2019). Des conseils citoyens inadaptés à la participation des jeunes ? Retour sur trois expérimentations dans des quartiers populaires de la périphérie lyonnaise Participations, 24(2), 83-109