About us

CTEI brings together the research activities of eminent professors of economics, law and political science in the area of trade, economic integration and globalization. It provides a forum for discussion and dialogue between the global research community, including the Institute's student body and research centres in the developing world, and the international business community, as well as international organisations and NGOs. The Centre runs research projects and organises events, and occasionally hosts a visiting scholar.

2020 is an exciting year for CTEI, this year we are launching three new initiatives that will radically transform our reach and impact.


The Geneva Trade Platform (GTP)

GTP works to address challenges to international trade policymaking by convening diverse stakeholders, simplifying and informing through the creation and production of research and briefing materials; promoting and incubating novel solutions; and empowering trade actors through technical assistance and capacity building support. GTP recently held the Geneva Trade Week 2020.


The Thinking Ahead on Societal Change (TASC) Platform

is a an open forum where policy makers, businesses, civil society and researchers can come together to tackle some of the biggest universal challenges of the future. With an initial focus on the future of work, the TASC platform could not come at a more opportune moment.


The Digital Governance Hub (DGH)

will be an excellence and knowledge hub devoted to improving the international governance of matters related to, or raised by, the explosive advance of digital technology.

CTEI is always looking for new experts to collaborate on either research or events. If you are a trade, future of work, or digital governance expert and are interested in in further collaborating with us, please share your contact details and expertise through this SURVEY.