The Swiss Lab for Sustainable Finance

Launched in 2021, SL4SF is a collaborative research hub in sustainable finance based in Geneva. This multistakeholder and transdisciplinary lab was created thanks to the generosity of the Pictet foundation.


Mission: The Lab will advance sustainable finance research and practice focusing on financing the SDG goals and will produce research that can be applied to their fulfilment.

The Lab’s focus is on the following major question: How can SDG related goals be met through sustainable finance and multistakeholder partnerships?

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We are setting up the first such collaborative effort in Switzerland, which adds an international dimension to the collaboration through its presence within 'International Geneva' and partnering with international organisations (IFC, ICRC). In our efforts, we will be joining forces with other national sustainability labs to establish an international “network of labs”, enhancing Switzerland's position as a powerhouse of sustainability. Part of our unique offering is that we are factoring in the perspective of low-income countries. We aspire, as part of our vision, to train the next generation of social scientists in sustainable finance and help establish norms of sustainability and responsible finance, in Switzerland and internationally.


areas of focus



Impact investing and measurement
Assembling data to measure impact. How is impact measured across different dimensions? Conducting research on the fundamental dual bottom-line (financial returns and impact). What is the impact of different types of instruments?


Markets and market participants and assets
The role of institutional investors in the space of sustainable finance. Assessing sustainable financial instruments.


Environment and society
Sustainable finance and the environment. Analysing practices focusing on sectors and respective financial performance. Complementarities between environmental and socially sustainable financial investments. Exploring the role of climate finance in climate and conflict affected countries.


The social dimension: welfare and inequality
How do (sustainable) investments impact poverty as well as (gender) inequality and social mobility? Issues of financial inclusion. Do business models reflect these aspects? What is the role of innovative finance in fragile settings?


Governance (governments and the private sector) and regulation
The focus will be on governments, international organisations, business, and civil society. Have impactrelated models penetrated their policies and generated additional organizational readiness to deliver? Is it just “talk” (i.e. greenwashing)?


Technology and innovation
The role of technological innovation in developing sustainable finance assets. The role of fintech for impact. Lessons from the use of fintech in less advanced economies and in humanitarian settings.

SL4SF Research Members


Nathan Sussman

Geneva Graduate Institute

Professor, International Economics & Pictet Chair in Finance and Development; Director, Centre for Finance and Development


Ugo Panizza

Geneva Graduate Institute

Professor, International Economics & Pictet Chair in Finance and Development; Director, International Centre for Monetary and Banking studies; Deputy Director, Centre for Finance and Development; Faculty Associate, Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy


Anna-Riikka Kauppinen

Geneva Graduate Institute (from February 2022)

Research Associate, Max Planck Cambridge Centre for Ethics, Economy and Social Change; Post-Doctoral By-Fellow, Churchill College Cambridge; Pictet Chair in Finance and Development from February 2022


Kristen McNeill

Geneva Graduate Institute (from September 2022)

PhD candidate in Sociology at Brown University; Pictet Chair in Finance and Development from September 2022


Lore Vandewalle

Geneva Graduate Institute

Professor, International Economics & Pictet Chair in Finance and Development; Faculty Affiliate, Centre for Finance and Development, and Gender Centre


Beatrice Weder di Mauro

Geneva Graduate Institute

Professor of International Economics; Faculty Affiliate, Centre for Finance and Development; President of CEPR


Godfred Bokpin

University of Ghana

Professor of Finance


Vanina Farber

E4S & IMD Lausanne

Professor for Social Innovation; Director of the elea Chair for Social Innovation


Jean-Pierre Danthine


Professor of Management of Technology at the EPFL; Managing Director of the Enterprise of Society Center (E4S); President of the Paris School of Economics


Jean-Philippe Bonardi

E4S & HEC Lausanne

Professor of Strategic Management; Dean Elect at HEC Lausanne; Co-Managing Director of the Enterprise of Society Center (E4S)


Rajna Gibson Brandon

University of Geneva

Professor of Finance; Director of the Geneva Institute of Wealth Management (GIWM)


Tony Berrada

University of Geneva

Professor of Finance; Head of the Geneva Finance Research Institute (GFRI)

Berger Paul_grey_round

Paul Burger

University of Basel

Professor in Sustainability Research; Head of the Upper Rhine Cluster for Sustainability Research

Roche Bruno_grey_round

Bruno Roche

Economics of Mutuality

Founder & Executive Director


Gilles Carbonnier

ICRC & Geneva Graduate Institute

Vice-President of the ICRC; Professor, International Economics at the Geneva Graduate Institute; Faculty Associate, Centre on Conflict, Development and Peacebuilding, Centre for Finance and Development, and Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy


Juan Luis Coderque Galligo


Head of New Financing Models/Innovative Finance


Neil Gregory


Chief Thought Leadership Officer


Camilo Mondragon Velez


Senior Research Officer and Head of the IFC Modeling Team


Sandrine Salerno

Sustainable Finance Geneva


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