Apply for housing

Welcome to our student residences: De Picciotto Student House and Les Grands Morillons.

Housing applications can be submitted online.

Accommodations are allocated on a rolling, first come-first serve basis, until all available units have been assigned.

housing application process

The Housing Service examines each application as it arrives, and verifies the student’s admission status. Housing offers are sent only to students who have confirmed their admission.

The Housing Service endeavours to process applications from confirmed students within 15 days. This duration may vary, depending on the application volume at any given time.

To confirm the reservation, students pay the housing deposit, specified in their housing offer:

  • Unit monthly rent below CHF 1,000: deposit of CHF 1,000
  • Unit monthly rent above CHF 1,000: deposit equal to one month’s rent

The deposit payment is due within 15 days of receiving the housing offer.

Wherever possible, the Housing Service takes into account the criteria and preferences indicated: choice of residence, unit type preferences,  intensive French course registration, and any other specific needs. The final allocation decision rests at the sole discretion of the Graduate Institute’s Housing Service, which will do its utmost to satisfy the desires and requests of our future residents.  

The Institute is unable to guarantee housing for all of our students. However, there are alternative student residential options available in Geneva, where students may apply as a backup.

Confirmation and check-in

  • Once the housing reservation is confirmed and the deposit paid, the Housing Service sends the housing regulations and instructions to each student, with detailed arrival and check-in information.
  • The housing regulations include a copy of the accommodation agreement, which students sign during check-in.
  • They then receive their room key.


Additional costs

Residents are responsible for paying the rent and additional fees (parking, private lockers, gym membership, etc.) regularly and on time, according to the terms set out by the Graduate Institute’s Housing Service. Details about these additional costs are listed in the applicable housing regulations. Rent is due on a monthly basis, before the 1st of each month.



Before the housing contract expires, the Housing Service inspects the housing unit, in the presence of the student, to check inventory and verify the state of the unit and of all the equipment provided (furniture, kitchen equipment, crockery, etc.). Subsequently, departing residents receive a final closure account, listing any eventual arrears and/or outstanding fees, as well as any costs covering insufficient cleaning, property damage/repairs, and equipment or furniture replacements. After both parties accept this account, any remaining deposit balance is returned to the resident.



For any questions concerning student accommodation, the running of the residences, or contractual arrangements, please send an email to or call + 41 22 908 45 01 (8:00-16:30 from Monday to Friday).